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Hand phone is one of long distance modern communication tools to connects one person to many person. It is very important and useful for our life and it can’t be released from us.
Hand phone has various shapes in design and complete by range features that can help our activities, not only as a communication but hand phone has social networking features. For example : facebook, twitter, friendster and so on.
Not only local products, china’s products were flooding in Indonesia. It is easy, cheap and affordable prices. It is equipped a feature that does not loss with another.
Now hand phone do not luxurious thing. Every one have it. Just 300 rupiah people can get it with full feature. It is very cheap, isn’t it ?
Cheap is not without a problems, the survey proves china’s products easier broke than a local products. Excess in price but zero in quality.
The advantages of using hand phone are communication tools take relationship with many a people, connect to internet, entertainment facilities (listen a music, play a game) and so on.
Whereas in reality of life the using of hand phone has been misused of some people, for example : collecting a phornoghapic picture. It is not proper for students

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